As if Covid-19! wasn’t scary enough, there is a new peril in our little corner of the Universe and it has a face that could easily end up on the poster of a Hollywood horror movie.

Say hello to your new neighbor, the Asian Giant Hornet. Last November, Ted McFall, a beekeeper, was checking hives in nearby Custer, WA in Whatcom County, and came across thousands and thousands of dead bee carcasses. Inside the hive, McFall discovered thousands and thousands of headless bees.

McFall came to suspect Asian giant hornets whose queens can grow to two inches long and use their giant spiked mandibles to destroy a honeybee hive. They decapitate their victims and fly off with their thoraxes to feed their young.

This is no Disney movie. Their stingers and potent venom can be used on larger targets, and these hornets are known to kill up to about 50 people a year in Japan. The best animators could not come up with a scarier looking beast.