Rachel’s heART, through it’s parent organization Voices of the Children, is offering Capoeira inKampala, Uganda!Partnering with Einstein Rising , a business accelerator for Africa’s social entrepreneurs, Voices of the Children Volunteers Munair Simpson and Nick Damski will join Alexis Chavez of Einstein Rising to lead a Capoeira workshop for youth.  Capoeira is a martial art that combines elements of fight, acrobatics, music, dance and rituals in a very elegant and magnetic way, giving the body physical strength, power and flexibility and

giving the mind self-confidence, courage and creativity.

The workshops will provide safe spaces and community development as well as a platform to talk about vital issues such as HIV awareness, abuse and poverty as well as other challenges they face on a daily basis.

For this first trip in October 2019, our goal is to develop a sustainable program that will continue for years to come, just as our programs with Syrian refugee youth in Amman, Jordan continue with great success.

This workshop is named after Rachel Damski, mother of Hollywood filmmaker and Voices of the Children board member Mel Damski.  Rachel escaped the holocaust as a teenager. At the age of 80, she began to paint for the first time.  It benefited her life in indescribable ways and helped release trauma she had been carrying in her psyche for many decades.  Rachel lived until 94 and left behind a legacy and a sense of optimism that everyone, especially youth, would benefit from, no matter the challenges they face.