Yes, that’s me on page one, covering the 100th birthday celebration of Father William Treacy with the objectivity and discipline of a former Newsday reporter.  Here I am on page three, unburdened by journalistic standards, kvelling about how grateful I feel to have this extraordinary man in my life. Read the article in the LaConner Weekly News HERE.

I am Jewish, the son of two courageous people who grew up in Hitler’s Germany, my wife is Catholic and we have been privileged to have Father Treacy and his caretaker, Sister Emma, join us for Christmas dinner and Passover seders the last two years. I am also honored to be working with Jeff Renner on a documentary about this extraordinary Priest who has touched so many lives.  Jeff is a former Seattle meteorologist and a terrific journalist who also has a wonderful screen presence that makes him the perfect interviewer.


Father Bill has also joined me at Yom Kippur services as a guest of Rabbi Danny Wiener at Temple DeHirsch Sinai in Bellevue the last few years. Rabbi always introduces his esteemed guest and the congregants always give this special man a standing ovation, which is very unusual for this somber holiday but speaks to the fact that Father Treacy and Rabbi Wiener deeply believe in interfaith communication and understanding.


Yes, I’m throwing a lot of superlatives around, but there is no exaggeration here. Interviewing several guests at the party about their experiences with Father Treacy, I heard remarkable stories about how he has inspired other religious leaders such as Sister Lucy Kurian, who I think will be the next Mother Teresa in India, to Rabbi Ted Falcon, who is blown away by Father Bill’s huge heart and extraordinary memory.


One woman we interviewed told about how she was about to quit nursing school because she couldn’t pay her rent and Father showed up with an envelope with a generous amount of money in it. Years later, in the midst of a successful nursing career, she tried to repay Father but he wouldn’t accept the money and asked her to pay it forward to someone else in need, which she happily did. Her stories were told with great passion and brought tears to my eyes. So much for objective journalism. This man just continues to blow my mind!!!